Our datacenter


All the services and solutions offered by ChristianFamilyHost are lodged in one of most modern datacenters than they exist in Europe, concretely Interxion (Madrid - Spain), fulfilling the stipulated thing by the LOPD (Statutory law of protection of data, Law 15/99).


Interxion with an infrastructure specifically designed and managed for the benefit of the service of lodging of equipment, which guarantees a high level on watch since it counts on technology end and pertinent the preventive maintenance services.

Superfluous systems of electrical energy

The electrical energy is the key of the operations in our facilities. Without a trustworthy electrical energy the equipment cannot work in the operative scope of a safe way. Both CPDs has taken important measures to equip their Datacenter with an extremely trustworthy electrical infrastructure, including generators diesel with sufficient storage of fuel, systems of UPS, variety of superfluous elements in the network of distribution of the building, as well as procedures to escalation effective and has supported 24x7 in case of problems. They have two independent electrical attacks coming from two different origins. One acts as main provision and the other as provision of aid.

Anti-fire system

The anti-fire system is based on gas INERGEN is the more modern inert gas developed specifically for the fire extinguishing in the Datacenters. It acts by displacement of oxygen doing impossible the combustion reactions, he is not toxic nor it damages the electronic equipment. The mouths of the Inergen are installed so much below the false ground as in the ceiling.


All the areas of lodging of equipment are cooled below the false ground. The air conditioning installation is specified for the support of any computer science equipment or telecommunications and the devices of air conditioning are present in each room of superfluous way. Average temperature: 22ºC with limits of 18ºC and 25ºC.

Superfluous connectivity

We in force have agreements and contracts with the main proovedoras of connectivity in Spain. In case of failure or it cuts of the service in the main provision, our systems will redirigirán the traffic to the following system available. This form we made sure that their services always are online.

More information

If it wishes more information on our Datacenter and the characteristics of the same, put yourself in touch with us through our Dpto. Technician and we will make him arrive a dossier in pdf from each datacenter so that it reviews it at great length.