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DataCloud: its data in the “cloud” safe and always available

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That would happen with its data if a day its portable PC or has a failure, it undergoes a fire, flood or robbery?

It fulfills the LOPD (Statutory law of Protection of Data 15/1999). All the companies and professionals who have files of personal character data of high level, are forced to have a remote backup copy of these data outside their facilities.

It stores his important data of form automated with our service of backup Online DataCloud. It uses DataCloud whether it does not have no present policy of backups or as an additional option. The service includes:

  • Storage surely encriptado in our datacenter.
  • Access to its data via Web from any place.
  • Backups automated (daily, week ends, monthly).
  • It selects the archives that wish to safeguard.
  • Available for users Windows, Mac or Linux.
  • Backup de Outlook and Outlook Express.
  • Backup of SQL Server and Exchange (professional counts).
  • Simple to use and to form.

Tariffs and hiring of DataCloudTariffs and hiring of DATACLOUD


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How work does DataCloud?How work does DATACLOUD?


  • Installe software agent in its PC, portable or servant (we once provided software contracted the service to him).
  • It selects the data for which it wishes to realise backups.
  • Of the rest we were in charge.