Range of Servants Dedicated in ChristianFamilyHost: 99,99% uptime… does not gamble it

A dedicated servant is a lodging way Web by means of which the client rents or buys a whole servant, and has for that reason a complete control on the same. A dedicated servant is an exclusive servant for the client, in whom this one will be able to install its own applications and to use it according to its needs.

The great difference with the lodging shared Web consists of which in the case of the dedicated servant:

  • The use is exclusive for the client who buys it or rents
  • The client has the total control of the machine, applications and services
  • The client benefits from all the resources and power of the servant
  • There is a greater guarantee of the service, since other clients cannot interfere in the final yield of the machine

ChristianFamilyHost works only and exclusively under Linux platform.

It discovers the different dedicated servants:

If their requirements go beyond the models supplied in our Web, or no of the supplied models adapts to its needs, it contacts with our commercial department or calls us to 953 50 49 41 to realise a customized supply to him.

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