Desire money this BLACKFRIDAY with ChristianFamilyHost


Better late than never! We celebrate our first BLACKFRIDAY and we do it to the great thing!

During Friday 27, 28 Saturday and Sunday 29 we will offer to all our clients some discounts in new plans of hosting and services with a 50% of discount for an entire year on the habitual prices. That is to say, a plan 1 18 GB that costs € to the only 9 year will cost €* to the year!

Our supply does not finish there… in addition to benefitting to you from this impressive discount, if beams to arrive it at well-known, friendly, etc… and these contract listing you in the purchase process you obtain a 10% of discount applicable to your next invoice of lodging shared Web. That is to say, if you have a next victory of a service Plan 1 GB (18€/año) the renovation costs only 16,20€ to you… and promo is cumulative! The more friendly you bring the more is growing your percentage of discount 😉 Continue reading “Desire money this BLACKFRIDAY with ChristianFamilyHost” →

Hosting more cheap… this summer in ChristianFamilyHost!


Hosting CheapCheap plans of hosting for these vacation! This summer (2015) there are preparation the most incredible supply of the market in plans of hosting. And it is that, in addition to the great one and varied supply in services of lodging Web that we offer, we have decided to do a 50% of discount in all our services of hosting shared. This supply is effective from the 1 of July to the 31 of August of 2015 (both inclusively) and is effective when realising an order from our Web and to exchange to coupon “VERANO2015” (without quotation marks) when finalizing the process of order in place indicated and indicated for it. With this promo, for example, you can acquire a plan of lodging Web of 1 GB by only 9 Euros to the year (+ IVA). This supply is valid for the first year of hiring reason why, at the time of the renovation, the service will happen to its published normal price in Web (in the proposed example of the Plan of Hosting 1 GB would happen to 18 Euros to year + IVA).

Without a doubt, if you are looking for lodging Web for your business, company, lies down virtual, personal project, etc… the price no longer is excuse. Contract our services of hosting to the most competitive prices of the market. We are waiting for 😉 to you

To administer zones DNS in Plesk 12


To administer to zones dnsOften we must publish, eliminate or add zones DNS for our domain in such a way that it allows us to redirigir a certain service to a site or given supplier… to put an example. The case occurs that much clients use the services of google for the mail and nevertheless their Web and other services follow with the company supplier of hosting. It is for these cases when the function “To administer zones DNS” of Plesk is very useful. We opened some the simple ways to you to do it: He continues reading “To administer to zones DNS in Plesk 12” →

To clean to the cache dns in different operating systems


To erase cache dnsThis time we give a small “trick you” to force the cache dns or the new resolution dns of a domain, especially useful when it has been changed of supplier, migrated or changed of IP. Sometimes it happens that when we migrated our domain towards another supplier of hosting or changed it of servant or IP, we have problems to visualize it in the new site and our system continues showing previous host to us. In order to force the cache dns and to indicate to him to our computer that must refresh dns and that rereads the zones dns we can make the following thing: → continues reading “To clean to the cache dns in different operating systems”