To administer zones DNS in Plesk 12


To administer to zones dnsOften we must publish, eliminate or add zones DNS for our domain in such a way that it allows us to redirigir a certain service to a site or given supplier… to put an example. The case occurs that much clients use the services of google for the mail and nevertheless their Web and other services follow with the company supplier of hosting. It is for these cases when the function “To administer zones DNS” of Plesk is very useful. We opened some the simple ways to you to do it:

1. Plesk of their domain (https://sudominio.ext:8443) enters the panel
2. Click in the eyelash “websites and domains”
3. It unfolds the menu of icons “to show more”
4. “Configuration DNS” goes to the icon
5. If it does not know clearly what is going to realise dns never modifies the present created zones
6. Click in the little flag “To add Registry”
7. It puts the new values on the basis of the instructions that services supplier of or on which have of their wishes.
8. Aplice the changes of group DNS
9. These changes usually are fast but sometimes, something in responding can take.

We hope that you it has been of utility… and thanks to trust ChristianFamilyHost 😉