Using safe passwords


passwordWe use passwords on a daily basis. Some several times to the day… and others to the hour (most technological). To register us in a forum, to accede to our mail, to give us of discharge in a Web, to activate one app, to accede to some content, etc… The use of passwords has become our bread of every day and we used them more so much or than the email. Due to the multitude of services that we nowadays activated and we handled the Internet users, and making good practices of which they recommend not to duplicate or to have the same password to us for everything, we have gotten to have several tens of passwords and an important mental chaos on which it was the password of the mail, the one of the kitchen forum, the one of the Control Panel… uff! 🙁 Continue reading “Using safe passwords” →

The security in your Web: backup automatic


backup in pleskOften we forgot the importance that it has for webmaster and/or propietary a Web the backup copy accomplishment of our site of periodic and up-to-date form. Usually it is a troublesome process and that contributes extra work but in case of loss of data, erased by error, hackeos, etc… we will be able to make use of these backups and will give by good the time used for such necessity. We think that nothing can happen in our Web and something has of certain or… is not difficult that they can hackear our Web, but dá… is complicated to think that we will erase a file or data base by error, but happens… Situations several that can get to occur and before which, if we have done our work adecadamente, we will be preparations and the “drama” will follow its way in search of another user less cautious than we 😉 Continue reading “the security in your Web: backup automatic” →