Hosting more cheap… this summer in ChristianFamilyHost!


Hosting CheapCheap plans of hosting for these vacation! This summer (2015) there are preparation the most incredible supply of the market in plans of hosting. And it is that, in addition to the great one and varied supply in services of lodging Web that we offer, we have decided to do a 50% of discount in all our services of hosting shared. This supply is effective from the 1 of July to the 31 of August of 2015 (both inclusively) and is effective when realising an order from our Web and to exchange to coupon “VERANO2015” (without quotation marks) when finalizing the process of order in place indicated and indicated for it. With this promo, for example, you can acquire a plan of lodging Web of 1 GB by only 9 Euros to the year (+ IVA). This supply is valid for the first year of hiring reason why, at the time of the renovation, the service will happen to its published normal price in Web (in the proposed example of the Plan of Hosting 1 GB would happen to 18 Euros to year + IVA).

Without a doubt, if you are looking for lodging Web for your business, company, lies down virtual, personal project, etc… the price no longer is excuse. Contract our services of hosting to the most competitive prices of the market. We are waiting for 😉 to you

The security in your Web: backup automatic


backup in pleskOften we forgot the importance that it has for webmaster and/or propietary a Web the backup copy accomplishment of our site of periodic and up-to-date form. Usually it is a troublesome process and that contributes extra work but in case of loss of data, erased by error, hackeos, etc… we will be able to make use of these backups and will give by good the time used for such necessity. We think that nothing can happen in our Web and something has of certain or… is not difficult that they can hackear our Web, but dá… is complicated to think that we will erase a file or data base by error, but happens… Situations several that can get to occur and before which, if we have done our work adecadamente, we will be preparations and the “drama” will follow its way in search of another user less cautious than we 😉 Continue reading “the security in your Web: backup automatic” →

Installing the mail in IOS and Android


200x200In numerous occasions we were with tickets or called of support with problems to install the accounts of corporative mail in the movable devices that you use. It is certain that each mobile, tablet, PC, laptop… are a world, every time exist more models, more versions, operating systems, etc… what does that, in certain occasions, the installation of our mail can be a true worry… and we understand it! ;). In many occasions the process of intuitive installation is not nothing and could get to be frustrating: (. He continues reading “Installing the mail in IOS and Android” →

Creating an additional user in Plesk 12


plesk 12In this post we will speak envelope how to create an additional or independent user to our panel of plesk 12. Of this form we can give him to permissions and access to a client, designer, etc… really, to the person who we want and the site that we want of ours plesk without having to give our access him of administrator.

In order to conduct this operation you must be loguear in Plesk. Once inside to go to the eyelash “Usuary” and to clickar in the icon “To create user account”. Once inside already it is to follow a little the steps that will be in the screen: to assign a name, to assign to him to a user and password to him of access to plesk, etc… → continues reading “Creating an additional user in Plesk 12”