Using safe passwords


passwordWe use passwords on a daily basis. Some several times to the day… and others to the hour (most technological). To register us in a forum, to accede to our mail, to give us of discharge in a Web, to activate one app, to accede to some content, etc… The use of passwords has become our bread of every day and we used them more so much or than the email. Due to the multitude of services that we nowadays activated and we handled the Internet users, and making good practices of which they recommend not to duplicate or to have the same password to us for everything, we have gotten to have several tens of passwords and an important mental chaos on which it was the password of the mail, the one of the kitchen forum, the one of the Control Panel… uff! 🙁

This common problem to all the users causes that in the majority of the occasions we choose to repeat password or to put one of easy memory for us (and we did not think that it will be it also for the evil hacker). Together with the speed with which that we like to have the things and not to entertain us in these small ones but important details cause that our password finishes being easy, very easy or behaved shamelessly. Still they surprise to us and we smiled when we read or we listened to news articles where they comment to us that the used passwords more are: 123456, 123456a (for when there is to also put letters, jeje), password, Internet, passw0rd (with a 0 they do not guess right safe), date of birthday or national identity document, name, name of the pair, it names of the children, it names of the combined children, etc…

But the certain thing is that these passwords are continued using and much! If for a moment we thought about the easy thing that it is for a hacker that handles to any programita preparation to do thousands of combinations per minute and to be trying in your account on the basis of these parameters surely we would spend more time to think about a good password and pointing it in a booklet and keeping it to good collection (for nostálgic@s) or in some from the wonderful programs that exist in the network. The best password is really the one than nor we we can remember, because it will consist of so many combined characters (numbers, letters, symbols, etc…) and we will change it with a good frequency that to remember it would be a loss of time.

Often, on a daily basis in fact, we detected hackeadas accounts of email (in our case) of clients who see harmed their accesses with the aim common to send to Spam attacks from those accounts causing a serious damage to the own account, to the servant and IP where she is lodged and to all the users of the mail system.

It is why we recommended to create strong passwords for all your services. To make little common combinations. To change and to renew password as minimum every 6 months. To be organizad@s with the subject of the passwords. To have the always clean computer of virus, Trojans, etc… Not to send passwords by email nor by programs or nonsafe applications, not to provide passwords to that ask for it of doubtful form, etc…

And for that you handle many passwords or simply you like to be organized we recommended to use any program of management of very good passwords that are them and! We used “KeePass PassWord Safe” and goes of wonder (and free);)… and he is that the security does not have price!