To clean to the cache dns in different operating systems


To erase cache dnsThis time we give a small “trick you” to force the cache dns or the new resolution dns of a domain, especially useful when it has been changed of supplier, migrated or changed of IP. Sometimes it happens that when we migrated our domain towards another supplier of hosting or changed it of servant or IP, we have problems to visualize it in the new site and our system continues showing previous host to us. In order to force the cache dns and to indicate to him to our computer that must refresh dns and that rereads the zones dns we can make the following thing:

For Windows in 7 (and Windows generally): we make click in the beginning (small ball of Windows in corner left inferior) > we looked for “to execute” > we put “cmd” without quotation marks and one that is opened to us the window of commandos we put “ipconfig /flushdns” (without quotation marks) and clickamos “to enter”. After this, we will have erased the cache dns of our operating system.

For MAC: it opens to the “Finder” > sails until “Applications/Utilities/Terminal” and double beam click in “the Terminal” application to execute it. That new window flushcache enters the dscacheutil commando “–” (without quotation marks), if you are using Mac OS X 10,5 Leopard. And if you are using Mac OS X 10,4 Tiger, the commando would be “lookupd – flushcache” (without quotation marks)… and I broke dns erased! ; -).

As always, we hoped to have been of aid. Salu2!