Creating an additional user in Plesk 12


plesk 12In this post we will speak envelope how to create an additional or independent user to our panel of plesk 12. Of this form we can give him to permissions and access to a client, designer, etc… really, to the person who we want and the site that we want of ours plesk without having to give our access him of administrator.

In order to conduct this operation you must be loguear in Plesk. Once inside to go to the eyelash “Usuary” and to clickar in the icon “To create user account”. Once inside already it is to follow a little the steps that will be in the screen: to assign a name, to assign to him to a user and password to him of access to plesk, etc…

What yes it is important of this screen is to assign the “suitable roll to him” since it will make possible that the created user accedes to a site or another one of the panel plesk. By Plesk defect it creates some usuary, but some does not adjust to which you need you can clickar in the eyelash “Rolls of user” and “Create user roll” and of this form you will be able to give customized access and to your pleasure him. It associates the new user to that ready roll and! It will already have access to plesk independently and controlled by you.


We hope that it has served as aid! More info in our Web