Installing the mail in IOS and Android


200x200In numerous occasions we were with tickets or called of support with problems to install the accounts of corporative mail in the movable devices that you use. It is certain that each mobile, tablet, PC, laptop… are a world, every time exist more models, more versions, operating systems, etc… what does that, in certain occasions, the installation of our mail can be a true worry… and we understand it! ;). In many occasions the process of intuitive installation is not nothing and could get to be frustrating: (.

Proving some new applications or that have been reviewed for the management of the mail in IOS and Android there are shortage wonderful app that, at the moment and if it does not change, it can “save” the life to us as far as the installation and mail reception talks about. Especially by its ease of use, it is enough with initiating it, putting our email and password and already we have it! And the best thing of everything is free!

One is myMail. In these days we are making a will to give it you an opinion formed on its use and the truth is that the first impressions are really good: it allows the installation of multiple accounts of mail, it almost manages them in real time synchronizing with the servant, has notifications push, it synchronizes the erasure of emails and folders with our mail in servant, the interface is very clear, clean and simple, the design is very elegant (app of gmail remembers to the new interface)… and we insisted again because it does not stop surprising to us: the installation is very, very simple. We unload app, we initiated it, some configurations that we want to do to our taste, to insert mail and pass… and to work! Everything a discovery! Recommended 100% and especially useful one if we want a great alternative to the managers of mail including in our devices. Totally compatible with our plans of hosting. We hope that it serves as aid 😉 to you

Unload it of App Store here
Unload it of the Play Store here