Creation of users in Plesk 12.5


Hello amig@s! We had been a time without writing no post and we had something to you abandonad@s… Then or we are again with another article that we hoped it is of your interest or it can accede to him at the moment at which it needs to you.

Basically we explained you how to create a user with independent access to the access of administrator in Plesk (version 12.5 – although it works similarly in previous versions). This is really useful when we must give access to plesk to a final client, when webmaster, to an equipment of production or programming, etc… without having to give and to jeopardize our data of administrator of the domain or domains. Without more introductions, we go there!

Once logueamos us as administrator in plesk we make click in the menu of the left “Usuary”.

Once within this menu everything is more or less intuitive, despite we have the option of:

  • to create a new account of user with the data that we want and to give the access permission him that comes by defect in plesk, or…
  • to previously create a “roll of user” to our taste later to assign it to a new account of user or to one already created. This is to us another thing more than to create a profile to size (with access to which we love whom the final client sees).

If we decided on the first option we make click in “creating user account” and filled up all the fields:

  • Name of the contact: what wishes
  • Direction of email: if it is wanted to create one or to use an external type “”
  • Roll of user: they will appear predefined by plesk and those that I had created previously if she had decided on the second option. If it is wanted to give complete access to the panel would be chosen by “proprietor” or “to webmaster”.
  • Access to subscriptions: the domain is chosen to which we are going to give access to him in plesk.
  • Name of user: this it will be the name of user to accede to plesk.
  • Password: password of access to plesk.
  • Language
  • Usuary assets: to leave it noticeable.

Once created or we can say to our client or user who accede to a direction http://www.tudominio.ext:8880 or https://www.tudominio.ext:8443 and to introduce the user and password to him that we have created in this process. (obvious to replace www.tudominio.ext by the real address of the domain).

However, if you have any doubt in the creation of the user or roll we are enchanted to help you and to even create it if you pass the data to us.

Direct link to KB:

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To create user in plesk 12.5