ChristianFamilyHost: Our company.


ChristianFamilyHost is a trademark by IDEALIA TECHNOLOGY AND COMMUNICATION LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY and takes working in the sector of the lodging and design Web from year 2004. In this time, our main intention has been to offer a service of quality being rendered to the client all the attention that is deserved.


We try neither we can compete with the “great ones” of hosting Spanish and world-wide, but we can offer a near, the more human service to him the more, of greater quality and, in the majority of the cases, the more economic. That is our philosophy and thus we worked in ChristianFamilyHost.

In the last years, the market of hosting and registry of domains have become a business in expansion, but simultaneously very competitive and changeable. Our success in this market is based on our firm intention to pay to the client all the attention that needs at any moment. It is our seal of identity and our difference with other companies of the sector.


RECOGNITIONS TO ChristianFamilyHost:


First Finalist Recognition to the Enterprise Trajectory. Year 2013. Granted at provincial level by the Association of Young Businessmen of Jaén.


CERTIFICATIONS ChristianFamilyHost:


Registered in the Commission of the Market of Telecommunications



Warner Music Spain
Design of corporative image, social networks and Web FERMÍN PIECE
City council of the Carolina (Web of Tourism of the Carolina)
City council of Andújar
Chamber of Commerce of Andújar
Confederation of Businessmen of Andalusia
… and hundreds of companies and individuals.

Our philosophy:

By all this, we left in our Web our telephones of contact where it can speak directly with us and clarify all doubts, in addition to having specific means created to give the greater comfort him of the world in the hiring of his services, in the management of the same and in the fast and effective resolution of its doubts and possible problems.

For general norm, the consultations by e-mail are responsible in very just a short time, even in a few minutes and has in our Web average where solving and clarifying their doubts of fast and simple form.

We are a team of qualified professionals and totally identified with the philosophy of our company. We will be enchanted to take care of to him at any moment.

Our technology:

As what it would serve a good technical support if the technology of which we arrange is not the suitable one. For that reason, we invested in quality infrastructure so that it guarantees the best service to us to our clients:

  • All the services and solutions offered by ChristianFamilyHost are lodged in one otherwise modern datacenters that exist in Europe, concretely in Interxion Madrid, fulfilling the stipulated thing by the LOPD (Statutory law of protection of data, Law 15/99). The IEC counts on an infrastructure specifically designed and managed for the benefit of the service of lodging of equipment. The infrastructure guarantees a high level on watch by means of a SLA and SPG.
  • Minimum bandwidth of 100 Mbit that will provide a rapidity to him in the service Web within reach of very few companies of the sector.
  • Our servants are of the brand DELL and HP. We have chosen these brands by his robustness at the time of making servants and their excellent and successful trajectory in this type of services.
  • Our servants work under the operating system Linux, with the last distributions of CENTOS, FEDORA, UBUNTU…, updated at any moment by our technicians. They support applications Perl, Phyton, PHP and data bases Mysql.
  • We work with Castilian Control Panels PLESK in with the last patches of security and updates.

Where we were:

Our office:

  • - Central office
          Ollerías street, the premises 4
          (Entered by Place of the Constitution)
          23,740 Andújar (Jaén)

Ours e-mails of contact:

  • info (at sign)
  • commercial (at sign)
  • support (at sign)

Our telephones of contact: