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The Company - christianfamilyhost It is a Division of the Company GROUP DATACENTER S.A.C with active R.U.C 20538158471. We felt proud and happy than we have obtained atravéz of the time, in our beginnings by the Year 2000, began offering technical service to Families, Companies, Institutions, Associations, etc.
We started off of the fact that their webpages, applications and e-mails are crucial for the development of their company. For that reason we want that he compares the characteristics of our services with the characteristics of our competition.
These are the reasons by which many companies of the State as hospitals, schools, Municipalities, Associations, like many private enterprises prefer and have found in a safe place to us where to appear to the world.
Our servants are provided with accomodations in two of best the Datacenter of the United States. Our datacenters meticulously have been chosen, always looking for a greater stability, an agile technical support, a matchless security, fast connections and systems against disasters. All our plans of hosting daily are endorsed in different storage devices. Always keeping a copy from the day, a copy of the week and a copy of the month.

All the servants of our plans of hosting are being monitored 24 hours to the day, including all services, their temperature, the capacity of storage, the load of the processors and the free space in the ram memory, like they notify to our administrators any anomaly and any modification of system files.

All the servants of our plans of hosting count on their own rigorously formed Firewall to avoid attacks and violations on watch, when a bad user tries to accede to a service the system blocks the IP.

All the servants of our plans of hosting count on a Detector of Brute force, which will block in our Firewall all attempt of penetration.

All the servants of our plans of hosting count on a scanner of RootKits and Virus that every day scan possible infections. We administered the servants, each of our servants has connected a console that allows to give him an effective support us therefore the equipment is disconnected of the network.

Our Datacenters has security cameras 24 hours, has generators in case the electrical circuit of the city presents interruptions, we have batteries and UPS's that they will avoid that our servants have electrical interruptions, we counted on an excellent system anti fires with compressed air to avoid that our servants have contact with liquids that can affect them.

We did not count on a single supplier of Internet, have several suppliers which will avoid an interruption if some of the suppliers presents problems. We have the best panel of administration than he exists in the market, with this will be able to administer his hosting totally, via Cpanel. And mainly our long trajectory that guarantees to us, years offering support to great companies, institutions, we began from the support for that reason we know what you need.

And if he is not enough with that to trust us and if he counts on an own dominion, he asks for a test by 7 days without no commitment, you sera who you decide, we we help him to migrate if he had another contracted service. Thanks.

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