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Conditions on watch applicable to all the clients of christianfamilyhost.

Are the Conditions on watch (CDS) applied autom? ticamente to all the clients of christianfamilyhost subscribed to the Services including suscripci? n to trav? s of third parties or any trading partner. WHEN SUBSCRIBING TO THE SERVICES OF christianfamilyhost, YOU ACCEPT THE POLICIES MENTIONED IN THIS DOCUMENT AND SHE IS COMMITTED TO RESPECT THEM. Is the Routine order defined as descripci? n of the package of lodging as presented in the website or the document “Routine order� for the cases of services of colocaci? n and of dedicated servants. In this document, are the sections of shared lodging of christianfamilyhost applied to the subscribers of packages of shared lodging, christianfamilyhost are the MyServerNow sections applied to the subscribers of dedicated servants and christianfamilyhost are the InstantColo sections applied to the subscribers of colocaci? n.


christianfamilyhost. it is committed to provide the services described in (s) the Order? rdenes on watch, signed (s) by the parts to the subject client to the following Conditions on watch (CDS). Does the use of the services of christianfamilyhost Technologies imply aceptaci? n and the consent of these Conditions on watch and all Annexes. christianfamilyhost. to har? all the reasonable efforts to provide a service of quality to the Client.


christianfamilyhost. to use? informaci? personal n of the client in form reasonable and necessary to provide the contracted services and to acquire the amounts which had by the client and not to only reveal? said informaci? n to third parties except in the cases in that the law requires it by means of an order of the court of jurisdicci? competent n, or to compa? ace of necessary collection if. The Client authorizes christianfamilyhost to use his name, the name of his company and the commentaries in marketing documents. At any moment, can the Client send one notificaci? n to retire this autorizaci in writing? n.

Services of bandwidth

christianfamilyhost. to provide? to the client conexi? n to Internet, directions IP and the services of tr? fico in Internet (collectively, “Services of Bandwidth) as it is indicated in the Order on watch.

In the case of servants connected to the network of high quality, can the bandwidth be used to total capacity in several servants simult? neamente and to surpass the 500 Mbits.

Shared lodging christianfamilyhost

The Client accepts to use the bandwidth of the way that is indicated in the Policy of Acceptable Use.

christianfamilyhost MyServerNow and christianfamilyhost InstantColo

Does the Client commit himself to use the bandwidth as indicates himself in the Policy of Acceptable Use and accepts that the bandwidth not podr? to exceed the l? mite of gygabytes monthly for the Services asked for by the Client in the form of Routine order and that n? mere of gygabytes it is the sum of the incoming and salient data transfer by the Rep? odo of a month. christianfamilyhost. to control? the use of the bandwidth of the client and reserves the right to take corrective measures if the use of the bandwidth of the client exceeds the been suitable use. So acci? corrective n can include the application of additional positions based on the price by gygabyte that appears in the Order on watch.

Directions IP

Everything direcci? n IP assigned to the Client by christianfamilyhost. it has efficiently to be maintained by the Client in agreement with the norms of ARIN and to be used to 80% within the 30 (thirty) d? ace of asignaci? n on the part of christianfamilyhost. The breach of this disposici? can n carry revocaci? n of directions IP granted by christianfamilyhost. under previous warning of 5 (five) d? ace to the Client. christianfamilyhost. it conserves and it controls the property of all the n? mere of protocol and directions that have assigned to the Client and reserved is the right to modify or to eliminate anyone or all the n? mere of protocol and Internet addresses of his? absolute Nicaraguan and discreci? n. The Client can obtain free up to 8 (eight) directions IP. All the requests of IP must be totally just.

Other services

To petici? n of the client, christianfamilyhost. it can, to his discreci? n, to provide to the Client support t? cnico and nont? cnico, as resumption of the equipment, resoluci? n of problems, service DNS and another type of attendance related to the use on the part of the Client of the Space of the Client and the Services of Bandwidth. The Client commits himself to pay the other services to an hour tariff of $125 CA.

Instalaci? n, disassembling, replacement, maintenance and access to the equipment

Shared lodging christianfamilyhost and christianfamilyhost MyServerNow

Is christianfamilyhost Technologies the proprietor of the equipment used by the client and grants a license for utilizaci? n of the same. The Client does not have right on the equipment. Access f? sico to the same by the Client is strictly prohibited.

christianfamilyhost InstantColo

Does christianfamilyhost grant to the Client, from the date of effectiveness, the right to operate, to install, to disassemble, to replace and to maintain hardware espec? fico of servant f? sico lodged in one of the datacenters of christianfamilyhost. as described in the Order on watch. The Client must install hardware in the space reserved for his indicated use as in the Order on watch. The Client is responsible for the delivery of the Equipment. The Client declares and guarantees or that he is the proprietor of the Equipment, or whom she has right to lodge the Equipment in the Premises. During the use in the present Agreement, the Client to inform? immediately to christianfamilyhost. about all space, energ? to or another necessity associated with instalaci? n and the operation of the Equipment. christianfamilyhost. it doesn't have obligaci? n to control, to maintain or to take care of the Equipment. When finalizing or expiring the conditions of this Agreement, unless est? prohibited by christianfamilyhost. and as allowed by this Agreement, the Client to have? to retire the Equipment of the Premises. Unless the parts have been suitable the opposite, in case the Equipment has not been retired in the 5 (five) d? ace following to finalizaci? n or victory, christianfamilyhost. the right is reserved to retire, to relocate or to even keep the Equipment at the expense of the Client without responsibility towards the Client.

christianfamilyhost InstantColo - Space of the individual servant

The Client is responsible for the delivery of the Equipment. Is christianfamilyhost responsible for instalaci? initial n of the equipment in the space of the individual servant. Acceso to the equipment est? allowed in H-hours? vile under previous warning on the part of the Client, in compa? to a member of the personnel. Can the access in emergency do outside Client but working hours tendr? that to pay in emergency by the order of access according to the hour tariff in emergency in force.

christianfamilyhost InstantColo - private Space

Is the Client responsible for the delivery and instalaci? n of the Equipment in the private space. Can previous request, the client obtain access the 24 hours and the 7 d? ace of the week to the private space. christianfamilyhost. reserved is the right to authorize to the t? cnicos of the Client and other contractors the access to the Premises and to demand identificaci to them? digital n, tracks and fotograf? ace individual. The Client to har? that their employees, contractors or guests who accede to the Premises, are satisfied to all the conditions, rules and regulations (modified occasionally by christianfamilyhost.) of christianfamilyhost. Except for previous autorizaci? written n of christianfamilyhost. it holds to the conditions of this Agreement, Client s? podr? to retire the Equipment despu? s of to have notified in writing to christianfamilyhost. and in commercial schedule, between the 8,00 hours. and the 17,00 hours. The Client podr? to only install the Equipment in the Space of the Client.

Immediate threats

If, christianfamilyhost. it will determine, acting in this of reasonable form, that the Equipment, software or the applications lodged by the Client or the activities of the same constitute a threat immediate to integrity f? sica of the Premises or to integrity f? sica or to the yield of the equipment or the network of christianfamilyhost. or another user of the Premises, or they represent a threat immediate to the security of somebody, then, christianfamilyhost. podr? do to execute that work and to take the measures that consider necessary, without previous warning to the client and no responsibility as far as give? you to the equipment or the data or as far as the possible interruptions of the commercial activities of the Client (or of its clients). As soon as it is possible despu? s to execute this work, christianfamilyhost. to inform? to the client, by email, of the works carried out and the taken measures.


The Client, despu? s of it to have solicitd to christianfamilyhost. by email electr? nico, podr? to transfer the Equipment, the servant and the website to another space put to his disposici? n by christianfamilyhost. in the 30 (thirty) d? ace following to that request.


Under no circumstance, christianfamilyhost. to see itself? forced to provide cover of insurance by teams or data of lodged property of the Client in the christianfamilyhost premises.

If the Client est? in lack

If the Client is in breach of anyone of his obligations by virtue of the present Agreement, then, christianfamilyhost. he can, to his complete discreci? n, to take one or all the following measures: (i) without previous warning, to suspend the access to the Space from the Client to the Premises. (II) If the Client does not fulfill the payments of the sums due to christianfamilyhost. , can christianfamilyhost exert all the rights and resources granted by virtue of the applicable laws, including and without limiting itself within reach of which it follows, to come respecting the term from more shorter advance warning anticipated by the law (if? ste exists), christianfamilyhost. podr? to confiscate the material and to sell the Equipment to third parties to cover the debt with the client ace? as the expenses (including reasonable legal honoraria) incurred across christianfamilyhost. for the exercise of the resources anticipated in the present Agreement.

Facturaci? n and terminaci? n

The invoices env? an by email electr? nico. If the Client asks for it, a copy can by email be sent. The First Payment of the Month indicated in the Order on watch, must be paid before the beginning of the Term. Do all the other invoices have to be pleased within the 15 (fifteen) d? ace of the date indicated in the christianfamilyhost invoice. Are these invoices issued 15 (fifteen) d? ace before the aim of the Rep? odo of? ltimo payment.


The client to pay? to christianfamilyhost. the expenses? nicos of instalaci? are n and the monthly payments as indicated in the Order on watch, ace? as the positions by other services. The Client to pay? all the taxes that are applied by the services anticipated in the Order on watch (fit occasionally by the parts) or provided otherwise by christianfamilyhost. by virtue of the present Agreement. All the expenses? nicos must be paid in advance. The monthly payments to pay itself? n in advance to the Rep? odo of payment selected by the Client. Do all the other expenses and costs have monthly to be paid and they expire in the date of renovaci? n. With excepci? n of the First Payment of the Month indicated in the Order on watch, that must be paid before the beginning of the Term, do all the sums have to be paid in d? American or Canadian homes within the 15 (fifteen) d? ace of the date of facturaci? christianfamilyhost n. whose invoices are issued 15 (fifteen) d? ace before the aim of the Rep? odo of? ltimo payment. Reactivaci? n of an interrupted service for want of payments est? it holds to a position of $ 50 (fifty). The accounts that have not been paid after 45 (forty-five) d? ace of the date of victory podr? n to be trusting to an agency of collections. If its account is given to collections, you commit yourself to pay the expenses of the agency of collections. If he wishes to cancel his account, he follows the suitable procedure to do it as he indicates himself in these CDS. All the amounts nonpaid to its victory est? n subject to an Inter? s of the two percent (2%) monthly composed (monthly equivalent to a rate of Inter? annual s of 26.86%). The bad checks est? n subject to a position of $20 CA.

D? bito autom? tico with card of cr? dito

In case of payments with card of cr? dito, christianfamilyhost to use? the information in its power to make a payment in the date of facturaci? n. The client not to receive? previous warning some before this payment. The client to receive? a warning despu? s of each d? bito carried out in its card of cr? dito. If at certain moment, does the client wish to deactivate the d? bito autom? tico? nico that needs to do is to enter to his hub client, to select secci? n “Finances� and soon “To contact the department of facturaci? n�. If later, the client decides to return to activate the d? bito autom? tico, to have? to mark to the corresponding square in its form of payment manual. When sending an initial payment or when reactivating opci? n of d? bito autom? does tico, the client confirm that there is him? does do and accept the conditions of operaci? n of the d? bito autom? tico. Adem? do s, the client authorize christianfamilyhost to retire the amount of the balance of its account of the card of cr? dito used. Does the client also authorize the financial organization that grants the card of cr? dito to load to its account all the amounts regarding the services of christianfamilyhost. This autorizaci? n to remain? effective until an authorized person in the account determines suspensi? n of the d? bito autom? tico.

Shared lodging christianfamilyhost

The client to pay? by means of pre-authorized payment with a card of cr? dito or by means of check with bottoms immediately available at your service of christianfamilyhost. The payments with check to have? n to become by Rep? odos of not less than 3 (three), 6 (six) or 12 (twelve) months.

MyServerNow and christianfamilyhost InstantColo

The client to pay? by means of pre-authorized payment with a card of cr? dito, banking transference or by check with bottoms available immediately at your service of christianfamilyhost. The payments by check or banking transference to have? n to become by Rep? odos of not less than 3 (three), 6 (six) or 12 (twelve) months.

Slow payments

The service to be? interrupted in accounts overcome after notificaci? n of 48 hours. Reactivaci? n of the interrupted service for want of payments est? subject to a position of $ 25 (twenty-five). The accounts that have not been able to receive themselves can be sent to an agency of collections. If its account is given to collections, do you commit yourself to pay compa? to collections the expenses by “Treatment and collection�. If he wishes to cancel his account, he follows the suitable procedure to do it as he indicates himself in these CDS.


Despu? s of 30 (thirty) d? ace or major warning in writing before the aim of the initial commitment, christianfamilyhost. it can modify the tariffs to pay by virtue of the present Agreement.

Duraci? n and terminaci? n

Does the term in this Agreement begin in the date in which the servant is installed and put to disposici? n of the client and to conclude? to the aim of the Rep? odo indicated in secci? n of commitment of the Order on watch. If ning is not indicated? n commitment, the term to be? of 1 () month. Does the Agreement successively renew 1 () month despu? s of the initial commitment until one of the parts finishes it. After the indicated initial commitment in the Order on watch, anyone of the parts podr? does to finish to this Agreement in the date of anniversary of the account (a date of anniversary of account correspond to the d? to the month in which abri? the account). (i) By convenience, mediating a previous warning of 48 (forty-eight) hours before the date of monthly anniversary, in writing to the other part or (II) if the other part (x) incurs a material breach (which, in the case of the client, includes omisi? doesn't n to make a payment to the victory) and correct the situation within the 10 (ten) d? ace of to be notified of such breach on the other part (y), or if is voluntarily object of procedures taken by virtue of legislative dispositions by bankruptcy or insolvency or is involuntarily object of procedures taken by virtue of not retired nor annulled bankruptcy or insolvency within 60 (sixty) d? ace from the moment of his dep? situated.

The request of closing of the account or not renovaci? does n of the same have to be acompa? it accepts of the signature of the Client, except for if this request efect? to a trav? s of the Control Panel “Hub accessible Client� in l? nea in the site of This request can be sent by fax to the +1 (514) 313-5632.

Reversi? n of level and actualizaci? n

Reversi? n of level of services (for example, to change by a package of lodging that offers less options) s? the being? effective in the date of anniversary of the account (does a date of anniversary of the account correspond to the d? to the month in which abri? the account. For example, if an account were opened the 8 of September, be modified can the d? to 8 of every month, once the original commitment has finished). The updates on watch nevertheless, can be made at any time effective.

Policy of reimbursement

Do in advance paid sums constitute a commitment in relaci? n with the Rep? can't odo of payment and be reimbursed despu? s of concluded garant? to satisfacci? n that is applied during the 30 (thirty) d? ace following to the opening of the account. Nevertheless, when closing itself a product, the account can be credited by the value of the payments made in advance by that product. Cr? dito ace? obtained podr? to be used for future purchases in christianfamilyhost.

The errors of facturaci? can n be credited of retroactive way by a Rep? odo of up to 2 (two) months.

Obligaci? payment n

After activaci? n of the account, the reserve of the space of christianfamilyhost, the equipment and the resources for the needs of the client. The client to have? to pay its account, even if not est? making use of her.

Autorizaci? n of cr? dito

Hereby, the client authorizes and gives his consent to christianfamilyhost. seg? n the applicable laws of privacy, to obtain informaci? n of cr? dito and banking and other financial references in relaci? n with the Client for aims of evaluaci? n of its credit capacity. The Client commits himself to give without delay to christianfamilyhost. all document and insurance and to take all the measures that christianfamilyhost. it judges reasonable to demand occasionally of reasonable way to take to end intenci? n and prop? situated of this disposici? n.

Garant? to satisfacci? n

Does the client have 30 (thirty) d? ace consecutive to activaci? n of the account to annul his suscripci? n and to obtain the complete reimbursement of the paid sum. The exclusions, t? rminos and conditions of this garant? to they appear in secci? n Garant? ace on watch of our website.

Garant? to network availability

christianfamilyhost. to provide? 100% of tr? nsito in Internet to all the clients who have acquired this service of christianfamilyhost. The exclusions, t? rminos and conditions of this garant? to they appear in secci? n Garant? ace on watch of our website.

Garant? to provision of energ? to? ctrica

Does christianfamilyhost guarantee the provision of energ? to? ctrica of its datacenter to the 100% for all the subscribed clients to one soluci? n that includes a victualling port? ctrico or an amplifying circuit. The exclusions, t? rminos and conditions of this garant? to they appear in secci? n Garant? ace on watch of our website.

Garant? to available of material

This garant? it is only applied to the clients of christianfamilyhost MyServerNow. At any moment the defective material of a dedicated servant to be? replaced within the 4 (four) hours. The exclusions, t? rminos and conditions of this garant? to they appear in secci? n Garant? ace on watch of our website.

Limited responsibility



Greater force

None of the parts to be? person in charge of delays, interruptions or faults in ejecuci? n of its obligations to the being? stas caused by acts of God, war, declared or no, similar fires, floods, storms, slidings, earthquakes or other events that escape to the control of the affected part (“greater Force�). If a greater Force happened, the part that vindicates the greater Force to notify? r? pidamente to the other. The part that vindicates the greater Force to har? all the commercially reasonable efforts to eliminate or to remedy the greater Force. This disposici? n not podr? to be applied as pretext not to make a payment to its victory.

Backup copies

Shared lodging christianfamilyhost

christianfamilyhost. to har? all the efforts possible to provide a backup copy mechanism and to conserve complete copies of all the solutions of shared lodging. Nevertheless, the client must conserve a personal backup copy of his software, of his sites, all the lodged content and data bases. Can christianfamilyhost Technologies ne be considered responsible for p? rdidas or of corrupci? n of data. MyServerNow christianfamilyhost christianfamilyhost and InstantColo

christianfamilyhost. , previous can petici? n and as service of actualizaci? billable n monthly, to provide a service of backup copy for clients of dedicated servants and colocaci? n. Do the clients interested in such service have to make the request by means of the form in l? nea.


The client can, in the normal course of his commercial activities, to sell to his clients the use (subject to the conditions of this Agreement) of the space of the Client, of the resources and services of bandwidth provided by christianfamilyhost. to the Client by virtue of the present Agreement. Any act or omisi? n of a client who constitutes one violaci? n in the present Agreement, committed by one of these clients to be? considered as a breach in the Agreement on the part of the Client. The Client accepts to defend, to compensate and to maintain exempt christianfamilyhost. to its employees and leaders (collectively called “Compensated�) of any responsibility, cost or cost, including reasonable legal expenses, related to or derived from (i) any act or omisi? n of any client, which to be? to one violaci? n in this Agreement if it were committed by the Client and (II) of any reclamation on the part of a client, derivative of utilizaci? n of the premises, the services provided by christianfamilyhost. by virtue of the present Agreement or of another way by ejecuci? n or not ejecuci? n on the one hand in relaci? n with this Agreement.

Responsibility of the content

Is the Client? nico responsible for the content stored in its servant.

Complete agreement

This Agreement, including its Annexes and all the? does rdenes on watch signed by the parts, constitute the complete Agreement between the parts in relaci? does n with the intention of the same and replace all proposal and discusi? previous n and all writing between the parts with respect to the same. WITH EXCEPCI? N TO THE ESPEC? FICAMENTE EXPRESSED IN THIS AGREEMENT, christianfamilyhost. IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY DECLARACI? N, GARANT? TO OR CONDICI? EXPRESS N, IMPL? IT MENTIONS OR LEGAL AND IT EXCLUDES ALL GARANT SPECIFICALLY? TO LEGAL OR CONDICI? N OF SALEABILITY AS FAR AS THE COMMERCIAL QUALITY, THE DURABILITY OR THE CAPACITY FOR THE USE TO WHICH GOODS AND SERVICES EST? N DESTINED, OR AS FAR AS ITS PROPERTY OR TO ITS CONFORMITY OR IN RELACI? N WITH ANY OTHER GARANT? TO OR CONDICI? N DERIVED FROM A LAW OR THE RIGHT, DURING NEGOTIATIONS OR COMMERCIAL USE.

In case of dispute or contradicci? n, this main agreement and its Annexes, and/or any Order, Routine order on watch tendr? priority, this main Agreement tendr? second priority and the Annexes third priority in interpretaci? n of the rights of the parts and obligations.

Separabilidad and modificaci? n

If some porci? will n in this Agreement be inapplicable or illegal, this porci? n to be? modified in the m? nima measurement necessary with the purpose of to assure that this Agreement can remain in force in compliance with the other t? rminos and modalities all? stipulated and insofar as porci? affected n has been modified.

Applicable law and jurisdicci? n

Is this Agreement in force by the laws of the province of Quebec and by the laws of Canad? applicable. The Parts irrevocably put under all the disputes derived from the present Agreement the courts of Quebec, in the judicial district of Montreal.


The complaints or violations COUGH & AUP must be reported to, by fax (1-514-286-1292) or by email a: christianfamilyhost, 20 Place du commerce, Nuns' Island, Montreal (Quebec) H3E 1Z6, CANAD?

Modifications and rights

Does christianfamilyhost Technologies reserve the right at any time to modify these rules and norms to their exclusive right discreci? n. The Client must fulfill all the reasonable requirements of security that christianfamilyhost. he can impose at any moment, as long as the Client has received a warning with 30 (thirty) d? ace of anticipaci? n.

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