Hosting and lodging Web


Hosting from 18 € /año

  • 1 GB of space
  • Limitless transference
  • Php 5 and data bases
  • Scripts settled

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Economic registry of domains

Registry of

Domains from 1.95 € /año

  • Control dns
  • Management of contacts
  • Panel marks white
  • Panel resellers domains

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Hosting vps


Virtual private servants

  • Own servant from 8.95 €
  • Access root
  • License from 10 domains
  • Control on its server

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Registry Domains

It introduces the name of domain and the extension that wishes to register.

It registers its DOMINION with ChristianFamilyHost of a fast and simple form…

To register a domain in ChristianFamilyHost is the best option because we always have the best supplies… Registry of economic and cheap domains!
1. It indicates the domain… 2. The extension chooses… 3. Register it…

*OFERTA for distributors and resellers of domains: If he is to webmaster, distributor, to reseller of domains or simply wants to resell our services of registry of domains have a panel of independent registry to ChristianFamilyHost “marks white” where they can manage the registry, renovation, transferences, etc… of domains. In addition their clients will have access to the management of their domains under their brand. Consult to us!

Table of prices Registries domains
EXTENSION Price Registry Price Renovation
.es, .com, .net, .org, .biz, .ws, .info, .us, .name 6.95 €/año 6.95 € /año
.cat | versió in català 9.95 € /año 24.95 € /año
.eu (lowered of price for always) 5.95 € /año 5.95 € /año
.mobi 12.95 € /año 12.95 € /año
.com .es,, .org .es 1.95 € /año 1.95 € /año
.tv 29.95 € /año 29.95 € /año
.tel 11.95 € /año 11.95 € /año
.asia 19.95 € /año 19.95 € /año, .edu .es 14.95 € /año 14.95 € /año
.cc 19.95 € /año 19.95 € /año

It discovers the advantages to register its domain with ChristianFamilyHost.ES:

You will have one complete extranet of client from whom she will be able to manage all domains of simple form.
The main functions that will be able to do from extranet are:

  • Complete management of his dominio/s
  • Modification of contacts and DNS
  • Renovation of dominio/s
  • Car park and redirection transparent Web
  • Redirections of mail - automatic Configuration of contacts
  • Creation of DNS

Without a doubt, the most modern tools to their reach, whether want to register their domain with their lodging, as if it wants to resell and to manage domains.

And by all means, all these benefits in an interface of simple and intuitive use and guided by our equipment of support.

*Los prices do not include IVA.

Registry of domains .es/.com/.net to only 6.95 Euros!Registry of .org domains /.us/.name by only 6,95 Euros!Registry of domains by only 1,95 Euros!