Why to choose a dedicated servant?

The majority of the companies lodges their Webs in shared servants. A shared servant means that a good number of Webs is lodged in the same servant, sharing the resources of the machine. Hosting shared is much more cheap and ideal for companies that do not have transactions by credit card, they do not have much traffic or they do not contain in his data bases very sensible and important information. The companies that depend on their Webs and data bases for their business would have to invest more in controlled and deprived surroundings, as he is it a dedicated servant.

What You will obtain with a Dedicated Servant?

Safe protection of data: privacy, security.
Use exclusively of the resources of the servant: yield, power, speed.
Total control on the installed applications.
Safe protection of data
Shared surroundings are not the suitable one to maintain the security of your data, because other many users have access to the same system. With a dedicated servant you will be able to establish the security policies that you wish, and to even armor the access to maintain your data in surroundings more surely.

Exclusive use of the resources of the servant

In a shared servant all the Webs lodged in the same share capacity of process, ram memory and disc space. In a dedicated servant all the resources are of exclusive use for your Webs and applications, and you have the possibility and the right of consuming the resources that the machine has available (process, ram memory, storage)

Total control

You will be able to install the applications that you wish, to take the processes and services that you need, and to carry out the tasks that you consider opportune. The servant is to your whole disposition so you need at every moment, and nobody will depend more on its applications, reason why you will be able to form them according to you require. In addition, it allows to have a greater control of security, complete access to logs. The servant is to complete for you, with access “the super-user”, so that you realise the workings that you want. Although if you wish it, and you do not need all that control, we can offer a service to you of administration of the servant, so that you can worry exclusively about your business.

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