Deprived Virtual servants (VPS)

Vps consults our range

The VPS behave exactly as a dedicated servant and has their own guaranteed resources, so that if vps exceeds the use ram or assigned CPU, it does not affect to the lodged operation of the others vps in the node. In ChristianFamilyHost we worked with Parallels, developer of Virtuozzo, which will allow to find the amplest range him of private servants virtuozzo in platform linux, in which we are specialized.


In ChristianFamilyHost we bet by the quality and low price in ours vps, being of economic of the market and, simultaneously, most powerful and trustworthy. Our policy of company takes to us to work of this form: we prefer to increase our production with the amount of sales instead of to sell a service to a rip-off for the client. And with our always present principle: the attention to the customized client is essential and high-priority for us.


All our VPS are lodged in Spain, have Spanish IP, they are in discs SAS of high performance in Raid 10 and we used equipped Dell Servants with the most modern and fast processors.

It discovers the different virtual servants (VPS):

If their requirements go beyond the models supplied in our Web, or no of the supplied models adapts to its needs, it contacts with our commercial department or calls us to 953 50 49 41 to realise a customized supply to him.

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