Virtuozzo technology

Each vps has its own reserved resources, so that although a private servant it exceeds his use RAM or processor, will never be seen affected by the yield of the other private servants.

First of all, the fact of not sharing software, allows that another private servant cannot interfere with his, so that its Web at some time stopped being visible in Internet and is safe from standard errors of programming or configuration that can cause other users of that same machine when executing some certain type of script or raise archives their website, that as well, like you have a servant multidomain or lodging shared normal in that same servant.

The surroundings of shared type are more restrictive on the accesses of the proprietors of the pages, not allowing them to the installation of particular applications or the personalisation of the configuration files (php.ini, httpd.conf, etc.) nor letting to them at least be able to accede by means of SSH to its space Web.

Vps offers much more robustness than a shared lodging, since each private servant has some assigned resources guaranteed, as the use of processor, memory,…. This causes that no other user can monopolize all the resources of the equipment and thus its application can work without any trouble. In addition, not only a minimum of resources is guaranteed, also a maximum. Since the machine at issue used for vps when having multiple processors, can manage many virtual surroundings at the same time without this supposes no deterioration in the yield of its applications lodged as well in its Virtual Private Servant.

That offers the Virtuozzo technology more to me?

This type of technology will offer a higher control to him of the resources of the physical servant, such as the disc space, services… You will be able to stop and to ignite the services, to add functions to his vps, special applications, to stop the servant or to ignite it and all this and more, with a single click of the mouse!

In addition he will be able, whenever he wishes it, to generate a backup copy of all the system. This copy is realised in second e includes not only its data of user but also all the programs and services. It will be able to recover this copy when it needs it without needing great knowledge, only with a click!

In his vps also will be able to have the best Control Panel of market PLESK thus to be able to carry out the most common tasks of possible the easiest and friendly form.

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