Hosting from 18 €/año

  • 1 GB of space
  • Limitless transference
  • Php 5 and data bases
  • Scripts settled

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Registry of

Registries from 1.95 €/año

  • Control dns
  • Management of contacts
  • Panel marks white
  • Panel resellers domains

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Virtual private servants

  • Own servant from 8.95 €
  • License from 10 domains
  • Access root
  • Control on its server

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Registry Domains

It introduces the name of domain and the extension that wishes to register.

Private servant Virtual Gold - Hosting VPS

Hosting VPS lodged in Spain. Spanish IP. Totally burglaryable. The true power within reach of all the pockets.

Characteristics VPS Gold nonAdministered
Price/month 87.95 € | To contract >>
Quarterly price/ 263.85 €    237.45 € (Reduction of 10%)
Price/year 1055.40 €    844.27 € (Reduction of 20%)
Ram memory 8 GB
Ram Burstable 16 GB
Disc space 200 GB
Monthly traffic Limitless
Fixed directions IP 2
Access root If
Configurable Firewall If
Plesk license 100 domains
Remote resumption, reinstallation and backup If
Panel virtuozzo management vps If
AnstiSpam and Plesk Power Pack (scripts settled: joomla, drupal, zencart…) If
Datacenter in Spain Lodging in Interxión
Storage in Raid 10 Discs SAS of high performance in Raid 10
Dual CPU Quad Core Xeon DELL servants with the most modern and fast processors.
Click contracts to the VPS Gold here doing or consults with our Dpto. Commercial

Optional Additional services/Vps Gold
Service Quota of Discharge Monthly instalment  
Plesk Power Pack
Package of Added that it includes: Parallels Mobile Server Manager, Karspesky anti-virus, UNITY Mobile, Tomcat, ColdFusion and PostgreSQL)
- 6 €
License Parallels Plesk Hosting Suite (limitless domains, SiteBuilder 100 sites) - 11 €
10 GB of additional disc - 6 €
Plesk license Anti-virus - 6 €
License cPanel - 16 €
IP fixes additional - 4 €
Administration vps (to consult what includes) - 15 €

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Advice to contract vps It needs aid?

Our VPS are lodged in Spain. They have Spanish IP and our technology of virtualization allows to use more resources of the main node if they are available. A Vps in Spain is an advantage!


Advice to contract vps Why are our VPS so economic?

Ours vps is economic because our policy of company consists of having a great portfolio of clients satisfied with our quality and price instead of few clients with some high and abusive prices.


Advice to contract vps What is a VPS?

Virtuozzo creates multiple separated VPS in a same physical equipment to share hardware, licenses and efforts of administration with the maximum efficiency. Each vps works in the same way that a servant dedicated normal from the point of view of the users and the applications and can be reinitiated independently like it has access root, directions IP, memory, processes, archives, applications system bookstores and configuration files. A very low load and an efficient design make of Virtuozzo the best solution for servants in production with real contents and applications.

Each virtual private servant is completely isolated of the others, having a reserved use of storage capacity, having in addition his own configuration to system, applications, bookstores, Control Panel, etc and its operation do not interfere with the other private servants installed in the same servant or physical machine at issue.

The VPS are based on the fragmentation of a servant in multiple dedicated surroundings, sharing among them exclusively hardware, but not software. To operative effects it is exactly just as a dedicated servant, but sharing only and exclusively resources of hardware with other VPS.

Each vps has its own reserved resources, so that although vps it exceeds his use RAM or processor, will never be seen affected by the yield of the other servants.

All our private servants are lodged in Spain, in center of Interxión data and have Spanish IP.

Advice to contract vps It knows more on Virtuozzo Technology.


Advice to contract vps It knows more on our VPS.