WebSMS: it more cheap sends SMS to a mobile or a group in a single click and!

ChristianFamilyHost.ES sends to an application of shipment of SMS through trustworthy, totally economic Web and with some insurmountable benefits:

  • Shipment of messages to mobiles (SMS) by only 0.08 €!: Example: € buys a 117 BOND of 10 and will have SMS available.
  • Shipment immediate and to all the operators: We have agreements with all the operators, its messages always arrive…
  • It has one complete interface: simple and intuitive to handle its contacts, to point the mobiles of its adressees, agenda, etc… You can select to a person to send a SMS, to a group of people, to introduce the mobile manually…
  • In each SMS message 160 characters fit, can include all the information that needs very comfortable form. If its message does not fit in 160 characters, the system, of automatic form, will divide the message in several of 150 characters, so that the adressee, will receive the complete message.
  • It will be able to personalize the emitter identifier (sending): in order to put the name of its company, its name or its telephone. Normally, when it is to contact with employees, the companies wish that it appears as sender the name of the company. If you prefer, also she can cause that it appears his name or its number of mobile so that the adressee can respond to him with comfort.
  • It does not have to pay by the discharge, to pay a quota…: you only buy what needs. He can buy a bond pre-payment that similarly works to cards pre-payment of the mobile phones. Bonds exist from 10 €. It has all along wishes to send the messages that a bond brings, is date of “no lapsing”. In his panel it will at any moment see the SMS that it has left to consume.

What is what I must make to use the service?

In order to begin to use our service of WebSMS you only must choose what BOND wishes to buy making click in the 3 I connect of purchase found that we left him next. If their needs are majors or needs an application or customized bond, it does not doubt in putting itself in touch with our Dpto. Commercial.


If it has some doubt on the operation of the service, it wishes more information… does not doubt in contacting with our technicians, will be enchanted to explain and to clarify to him everything to him what wishes.